About us

Quality, style and design fuels our passion. Service and attention to detail drives our fresh take on hard edge, exquisite design, rich sophistication and innovative ideas.


Defining UltraStone’s identity in a saturated industry has been our primary objective from the outset. We have done this by continuously seeking unique and fresh concepts, materials, products and colors to remain top of our game.


UltraStone is committed to offering the finest products available by fusing innovate design with originality and creativity, coupled with an infinite knowledge of our merchandise. Qualified technicians who handle each project with meticulous care and ultimate proficiency are a result of our ongoing quest of success.


Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. At UltraStone, we are keen on maintaining a relationship with our clients, making it possible for us to perceive the trends that define tomorrow’s consumer’s needs. As a team we have the ability to reach, motivate and educate our clients.


UltraStone specializes in installation and fabrication. We have invested in the most sophisticated state-of-the-art machinery to process, polish, hone and cut granite slabs into countless sizing’s and finishing’s to accommodate marketplace demands and preferences.


UltraStone handles commercial, industrial and residential cut to size projects, engineered to accurate specifications.


And for our clients who are socially responsible, UltraStone is proud to introduce a new line of eco-friendly products.